Top rated denture clinics in Alaska

Everyone needs a reliable dentist to turn to for all their dental needs. In an effort to make it easier on you, we’ve listed 5 of the top rated denture clinics in Alaska. The list is based on the dentists and his practice’s client satisfaction, rating and reviews, cost and accessibility. Thanks to Anchorage Dentures for this great info.

  1. Advanced Family Dental Care

Advanced Family Dental Care is a denture clinic in Anchorage managed and led by Dr. Dustin K. Wilde, DMD. Apart from the usual services like installing dentures, implants, braces, veneers and bridges, they specialize in dental and periodontal conditions. The clinic can also offer you a wide array of choices for cosmetic dental care. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and have recently been awarded by as 2015’s Patient Choice Award.

  1. McKinley Dental

This family-friendly dental clinic, located at 2817 Dawson Street in Anchorage, is a one-stop-shop facility that offers all full and partial dental services like extractions, repairs, implants and denture liners. You can expect amazing service, cultivated through their 20-year experience in the field, from dentists Dr. Scott Laudon and Dr. Gregg Moody, DMD.

Many would think that they earned their spot as one of the best denture clinics in Anchorage through their doctors’ broad knowledge and extensive training, but they are most known for their ability to connect with their patients and their personal service. It’s also a plus that they accept most kinds of medical insurance, making it easier for you.

  1. Alaska Premier Dental Group

The clinic has 6 experienced doctors on boards, namely, Brian Kruchoski, Clark Bassham, Adam Walker, Jessica Smith and Joe Baggette. Their diverse training and backgrounds, combined with a competent team of assistants and hygienists makes this clinic a well-oiled machine that can cater to most dental services like sedation dentistry, whitening your teeth, preventing snoring, aligning your teeth and treating halitosis. Like the first two clinics, they are located in Anchorage, and also have a clinic in Wasilla.

If you’re wondering how they fair with customers, their site indicates that they have a 4.9 customer approval clinic for both sites.

  1. Fireweed Family Dentistry

The denture clinic in Anchorage was founded by Dr. Stephen Mahoney, whose experience in practicing dentistry in the area spans 20 years. He is most known for general dentistry, but also practices smile design and teeth whitening. What you will love most about this clinic is the friendly service of the staff and the homey feel of the clinic.

  1. Kennedy Dental Group LLC

Known for their use of state-of-the-art technology since they started in 1978, this clinic aims to not only provide extensive dental services in Anchorage and Borrow but also to educate their patients on how to maintain their teeth after they leave the clinic and get back to their daily lives. They currently have two dentists, Dr. Joshua Kennedy and Dr. Kerry Kennedy, who supervise a wide array of procedures from general to cosmetics dental services. Typically, both clinics offer promotions, such as discounts for veterans, which are posted on their website.

Thanks to Happy Teeth for this great post and sharing all this info for anyone looking for more help!