Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program
Rehabilitation Program

The rehabilitation or short-term residential program offers clients the opportunity to understand drug and alcohol addiction and gambling. The 21-day program is designed to help clients discover what changes are needed to create a positive and balanced lifestyle. The program can accommodate 12 clients, both males and females, and is offered by a multidisciplinary team that focuses on the client’s individual needs.

Outpatient Service

This service is available to adults and families dealing with issues related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs or gambling. Social workers involved in this service also provide follow-up to clients after their discharge from the Detoxification Unit or Rehabilitation Program. Outpatients referred by the Court, Probation Services and clients registered in a progressive detoxification program are also seen by this team.

Youth Treatment Program

The program is aimed at adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 who have dependency problems. This program is for adolescents within our school system and focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle while emphasizing responsible behaviours and choices.

Choices Program

In cooperation with Correctional Service Canada, this program is available to offenders who are on parole. The main goal of the program is to reduce participants’ risk of relapse into substance abuse and criminal behaviour.

How to Obtain Services?

Except for rehabilitation, any interested individuals can obtain services or benefit from one of the programs on their own initiative. A requisition can also be made by the attending physician, a family member, an agency or any other individuals for a third party.

Admission is voluntary. Individuals under the age of 16 can obtain outpatient counselling without their parents’ authorization, but are encouraged to notify their parents or guardians.

As for the Rehabilitation Program, clients must be referred by a social worker from Addiction Services of the Restigouche Zone of the Vitalité Health Network or another health authority in the province.