Medical Tyvek Printing by DoraniX

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DoraniX, a leading manufacturer of Tyvek medical labeling devices and Tyvek printers is, undoubtedly, playing its part in ensuring that the printing of high quality medical items need not be an expensive affair. Our labeling devices and printers have made printing of various medical items possible without having to pay exorbitant rates. These devices and tools not only support the printing of top-notch medication labels at cheaper prices, but they are also capable of creating more durable designs as well- with the company playing a vital role in product identification.

For close to a decade now, DoraniX has provided its expertise in the product identification business. They have created innovative printers in addition to label printer-applicators which have in turn contributed to the reduced costs of printing medication labels and other vital medical items. Despite making the process affordable, this has not compromised on the printing quality as our machines continue to churn out excellent materials. This is in line with our policy of customer and quality satisfaction at all times.

Easier to print

In fact, some medical supplies are now much easier to print directly as a result of advanced printing machines, including lids and pouches. Other medical items include chipboards, blister pack backing, apparel tags, bags, as well as all kinds of flat products. However, there are some materials that are still impossible to print on directly and for such, the company has created highly effective LPAs (Label Printer-Applicators), a caliber of printing that is revolutionizing the medical field. Examples include the ThermaPrint 64 which can print on Tyvek.

Other offerings

DoraniX has also designed and manufactured machinery that is proving highly effective in boosting the provision of high quality medical products and services. Our products, including some of the most sought after integrated solutions, are, unsurprisingly, in great demand not only from small and medium-sized medical facilities, but larger ones as well. The latter have especially demonstrated a huge interest in the work cells manufactured by the company. Through DoraniX, medical facilities across the country are now able to customize their items as they so wish, thus aiding their efforts at creating recognizable brand identities.

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging serves just one function: to provide the ideal barrier to ensure delivery of packaged medical items/devices to their point of use, efficiently and effectively.

The right medical package is often a function of the packaging process, the instrument to be packaged, and the desired sterilization method. It is thus important to find the best combination and choice of materials- aluminum, films, medical papers, Tyvek printing for the medical industry– in order to create the optimum package for your production process and for your device. Once this is done, the next step is to move quickly to samples and testing, and then validation.

For more information on what is available from DoraniX, please visit their website @ – for everything you may want to learn about medical Tyvek printing or the state-of-the art Laser Printer-Applicators and printers.