5 outdoor activities to keep you healthy

5 Great Outdoor Activities to Stay in Shape

Living in the technologically-driven 21st century makes it extremely easy to develop lazy and unhealthy habits. What’s stopping you from binge watching all five seasons of Game of Thrones during summer vacation, or ordering that delivery pizza online, or both? It’s time to rediscover the wonders of the great outdoors and develop a fun and active lifestyle at the same time!

Here are five great outdoor activities to keep you healthy:

  1. Walk, with purpose. This is the oldest trick in the book. Walking is a simple activity yet it builds stamina and works your leg muscles and cardio, while giving your lungs some fresh air and your skin some good old vitamin D. Walking is also easily modifiable to make it more productive and fun – just add a device, or better a companion (human or canine), and it’s literally a walk in the park! If you’re feeling adventurous, ditch the mall and go on a short hike. They didn’t invent Pokémon Go so you could magically hatch that egg!
  2. Play Frisbee/Catch/Ball. All work and no play is no way to live. These simple activities reap all the benefits of outdoor activities, but the highlight is that it builds muscle, coordination and a little friendly competition all at the same time. Whether you’re throwing a Frisbee or a baseball, or kicking around a soccer ball, you’re learning a new skill or getting better at it while having a fun yet productive time!
  3. Mid-air somersaults. Period. (Be careful, though—and no double bouncing!)
  4. Swim, preferably at a safe body of water, like an outdoor pool at the local gym, or even at the beach with your mates while having a mean barbecue or picnic. Swimming guarantees to work out all your muscles since you’ll be working against water pressure to get anywhere. It’s an amazing cardio exercise that increases stamina, while building and toning your muscles! Besides, it’s a survival skill that could be useful in the future too, so it’s overall a win-win. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen at least twenty minutes before you enter the water, you don’t want to damage your skin. Sunburn is not fun.
  5. Bicycle/Skateboard/Rollerblade. They didn’t just invent wheels so you could sit and drive your car to the grocery store that’s only a 10-minute bike ride away. Biking is a great alternative to walking to avoid the harsh pressure of concrete on your feet. Skateboarding is great for balance as well, and it’ll always be cool no matter how old you are. If you’re up to the challenge, you can even learn some nifty tricks here and there to show off to the cool kids in the block. And if you’re feeling that retro 90s vibe, rollerblade down the boulevard with a healthy dessert alternative (not ice-cream) in your hand. As long as you’re moving and exercising out in the great outdoors where all the sunshine and fresh air is, all of your body will reap the benefits!

With more people turning to indoor activities, we start to forget the important role that outdoor activities have always played in our lives. If you are going to be a movie junkie and sit inside all day you may as well grab an outdoor movie screen and watch it outside!